"Let's Find the Cause of Your Losses in Memory and Thinking
So That You Can Live Your Life Up to Your Full Potential"

Not Like It Used To Be

I forget the names of people I’ve known for years. In the middle of talking to someone, I forget what I want to say.

I Get So Confused

Like, did I take my medicine this morning? I just can’t remember. Everyone is upset with me, but I can’t help it.

It's 3 a.m. and I Can't Sleep

For so long I’ve been so worried about my parents. The whole family is so concerned about their problems with memory and thinking.

I'm Concerned

I’ve known this couple for many years and lately they’ve changed. They’ve stopped going to church activities and they get lost driving.

Treatment Support

It’s past time that these patients undergo more testing than I can provide. I need help figuring out what is going on.

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Why Identify Problems in Memory and Thinking As Early As Possible?
Written by Stanley Ferneyhough   
Early recognition of the signs and symptoms of memory and thinking problems, an accurate diagnosis of the cause of these problems, and early care can have the following benefits. 

  • The occasional case of fully treatable and reversible dementia benefits from early detection because early detection minimizes the suffering and complications from causative disorder.  Also, some evidence suggests that potently treatable causes of dementia, such as hypothyroidism and lack of vitamin B12, can result in irreversible brain damage if present for long periods of time.
  • Early care -- including medication, health maintenance, and lifestyle changes -- can significantly improve the quality of life and mental function of people with these problems. 
  • Information and explanation that family and other loved ones can receive and the improvement in quality of life that the patient and loved ones can gain from being properly informed.
  • Early detection can help the patient make plans, ensure that documents such as a will and an advanced directive are written, and provide an impetus for the individual to discuss desires for future care with the appropriate individuals
  • Protection against being taken advantage of in the early stages of dementia by unscrupulous individuals and organizations.
Early detection is a key, because early treatment makes a difference, not only for the person with memory and thinking problems but also for their family members and other loved ones. 

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