"Let's Find the Cause of Your Losses in Memory and Thinking
So That You Can Live Your Life Up to Your Full Potential"

Not Like It Used To Be

I forget the names of people I’ve known for years. In the middle of talking to someone, I forget what I want to say.

I Get So Confused

Like, did I take my medicine this morning? I just can’t remember. Everyone is upset with me, but I can’t help it.

It's 3 a.m. and I Can't Sleep

For so long I’ve been so worried about my parents. The whole family is so concerned about their problems with memory and thinking.

I'm Concerned

I’ve known this couple for many years and lately they’ve changed. They’ve stopped going to church activities and they get lost driving.

Treatment Support

It’s past time that these patients undergo more testing than I can provide. I need help figuring out what is going on.

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Do You Have A Problem with Memory and Thinking?
Written by Stanley Ferneyhough   

Assessing normal from problematic: What is abnormal means, for each individual, the measure of loss in function compared to the level of functioning when you were younger, before the onset of your concerns with memory and thinking.  As a general rule, we are not the best judges of our own decline in memory and thinking; however, others around us who know and love use usually see it from the every beginning.  Often you problems in these areas affect those around you, but not you, because you may not see the problems in what you do; consequently, caregivers and love ones are the best judge of your normalcy. 

Warning Signs of Possible Problems

Memory loss— Forgetting recently learned information often and being unable to recall it later, even with the help of cues.  Forgetting the names of people.  Repeating statements or activities, being unaware you are repeating yourself.  Unable to find items, such as your keys or wallet.
What is normal? – Infrequently having difficulty recalling a recent that did not seem important to you, at the time it occurred. At times, needing to search for your car in a large parking lot, etc.
Difficulty performing familiar tasks – Often finding it hard to plan or complete everyday tasks (completing a meal, keeping a checkbook, holding a job, etc.). Losing track of the steps involved in doing activities for fun or on the job. Difficulty shifting from one part of a task to the next. Inability to perform the tasks of everyday life to the extent that it impinges on your quality of life or endangers you or those around you.
What is normal? – Occasionally being involved in a mishap or mistake that you soon become aware of and correct
Problems with language – Forgetting a simple word that stops your written or verbal communications, or needing to substitute a word(s) that is not what you actually met to say. Having difficulty understanding and following conversations or comprehending written material. Speaking and writing in ways that others can understand.
What are normal – Rare language lapses that you can correct after taking a few seconds to think about.
Disorientation to time and place – Becoming lost in your own familiar neighborhood or town. Not comprehending where you are or how you got there, and becoming incapable of getting yourself back home. Having trouble knowing what happened when.
What is normal? – The magnitude of your mistakes is important: Taking a wrong turn that you realize and self correct quickly is normal, but getting on the wrong highway and driving 10 or more miles without knowing your mistake is problematic. Taking time to recall the current date and time, and how long ago something happened.
Poor of decreased judgment – Being unaware of unsound reasoning errors in judgments in your life decisions, such as dressing inappropriately for the weather, losing sums of money to unneeded products or fraudulent salespeople.
What is normal? – From time to time, being aware of questionable or debatable decisions but making them anyway.
Change in personality – Unusual or uncharacteristic features that are a striking change from before, like becoming suspicious, obsessive, anxious, etc. Sometimes it is just a large amplification of the prior traits.
What is normal? – We all typically change with age, but not that drastically that it would be distressing to our love ones.
Loss of initiative – Not wanting to do activities we longed enjoyed in the past. Becoming passive and declining to do appropriate activities, and be able to understand why.
What is normal? – Becoming tired mentally at the end of a busy day and not wanting to fulfill social obligations or participate in normally fun activities.