"Let's Find the Cause of Your Losses in Memory and Thinking
So That You Can Live Your Life Up to Your Full Potential"

Not Like It Used To Be

I forget the names of people I’ve known for years. In the middle of talking to someone, I forget what I want to say.

I Get So Confused

Like, did I take my medicine this morning? I just can’t remember. Everyone is upset with me, but I can’t help it.

It's 3 a.m. and I Can't Sleep

For so long I’ve been so worried about my parents. The whole family is so concerned about their problems with memory and thinking.

I'm Concerned

I’ve known this couple for many years and lately they’ve changed. They’ve stopped going to church activities and they get lost driving.

Treatment Support

It’s past time that these patients undergo more testing than I can provide. I need help figuring out what is going on.
Stan Ferneyhough - Health Care Psychology


Why is it so difficult to know if your losses in memory and thinking are caused by physical problems?

It is my goal to help you and your love ones identify the causes of your problems with losses in memory and thinking, and more importantly find solutions to deal with them.    No matter at what level of difficulty you find your losses in memory and other problems in thinking have become, they do not control you or debase your humanity; they simply change the way in which you and your loved ones live your lives.  You and everyone involved with you are not Victims to whatever ails you – you all are much bigger than your malady.  You do not lose yourself and fade away from a disease or other pathological processes.

Unfortunately, the long-established way of thinking has many people believing you are suffering a devastating loss of yourself which, if you accept as true, results in a normal reaction of shrinking away in fear.  It is this fear that causes many individuals to avoid facing their problems early, at the beginning onset of their losses in memory and thinking.  Instead they wait years and search for professional help only when their difficulties deteriorate to such an extent that it becomes impossible to avoid acknowledging them.  Yet when memory and thinking problems are caught early, most people can have years of rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Although problems in your memory and thinking might be just be the result of your normal aging, for many people their problems stems from insults to their brain with or without head trauma, disease, or a neurodegenerative process.